The CIA is Everywhere


“The Traveler,” the third novel by Chris Pavone is a non-stop action, spy novel.  Like his previous books, Pavone creates what seems at the outset a highly unlikely plot.  But as events unfold, he has created such characters and events that the reader just keeps on turning the page.

Will Rhodes has what appears to be a dream job.  He is a travel writer for the well-respected magazine “Travelers.” But all is not what it seems.  After an indiscretion in Argentina, he is blackmailed into working for the CIA.  9780385348485_p0_v3_s118x184.jpg

At this point in the plot, the reader should ask what does the CIA want with a guy with no apparent “spy” skills.  The reader should also question who is the woman who quite easily killed a guy on a balcony in Italy, why does Rhodes’ boss have a secret room in his office, and who is that guy living an off-the-grid existence in Iceland.

All of these seemingly discontinued plot points do get resolved in the end.  The fun, of course, is how Pavone ties everything together.

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