Side Effects May Vary


Side Effects May Vary was Julie Murphy’s (author of Dumplin‘) debut novel that I wanted to read after loving Dumplin‘ so much….and it was just as good as I expected!

The story is about Alice, a girl who is diagnosed with leukemia. Alice’s just waiting for her “index.jpglife-clock” to stop ticking when the good news come knocking on her door: she goes into remission. Alice should be happy about that, but if you were dying and some people might have make your life miserable, wouldn’t you want some revenge before going into the afterlife? Well, that’s exactly what she does. However, her afterlife might have to wait and now Alice has to answer for everything she’s done this past year.
With a marvelous bucket list full of revenge steps and her best friend who’s in love with her, Alice has to face her new reality after having her life back.

Murphy has this way of making you empathize with her characters- even when you don’t agree with their actions- and that is something that I love about her books. I can’t wait to read more from her in the future!

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