Australian author and illustrator, Danny Parker and Matt Ottley, have created a well-crafted picture book that will inspire toddlers to believe in themselves.

Adults often forget how intimidating the big, adult world is.  Seen from the perspective of  toddlers everything in their lives is so oversized.  Little Toby in “Parachute” has found a way to deal with the big world he confronts.  Toby wears a parachute.

Illustrator Ottley shows us what it is like for Toby to get out of bed in the morning.  As he contemplates climbing down the ladder of his bunk bed, Toby has the security blanket of his parachute strapped to his back.  9780802854698_p0_v1_s118x184.jpgToby always wears his parachute.  It makes him feel safe at the playground, at the zoo, and as he climbs a ladder to rescue his cat in a tree house.

Through words and pictures, this creative team delivers a message that will resonate with all young readers.  The illustrations focus on Toby and how he views the big world he faces and gains confidence.


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