“The Night Gardener”

When the reader first meets William, he seems sad and lonely.  He lives at the Grimloch Orphange on Grimloch Lane.  His world, as pictured by the illustrator Eric Fan, is gray and colorless.  But then something happens that excites William and the other inhabitants of this street.  Huge, intricate topiary begin to appear by magic.  Trees begin to turn into wonderful animals.  An owl, a cat, a rabbit, a parakeet, an elephant all crafted by the magical night gardener begin to attract huge crowds.  Gradually drab Grimloch Lane is transformed in a colorful world.


One night as William is headed home he sees a stranger.  Wondering if this man is the night gardener, William follows him.  Of course, the man is the night gardener.  He asks William for his help and the two work together into the night.  The gardener leaves William a gift–his own pair of shears.  As the seasons change, the topiary eventually disappear, but the people of the the town will never be the same, nor will William.

Written by Terry Fan with illustrations done in pencil and colored digitally by his brother, “The Night Gardener” is a magical story.  Perfect for readers ages 4-8, children will enjoy the story of a boy and a town that are both transformed by beauty.

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