“Choose Your Days”

Written and illustrated by Paula S. Wallace, “Choose Your Days” is a story that will appeal to young and older children alike.  In her book, the author subtly suggests to readers to live life to the fullest. 9781941026380_p0_v2_s118x184.jpg

When Corky is born she is given calendars for all her days, lists to dream and to do, and her key to her time by Old Bear, keeper of time and keys.  As we follow Corky through her days we see her life fly by, until she has only a few more days.  She asks the Old Bear for more time.  He replies you hold the key to your time, but when all is done, don’t be afraid.  I will wait for you behind the door which your key will unlock.

The author’s watercolor illustrations are uncomplicated and focus on key elements of the story.  A book to read together and discuss how important each day is.

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