Beauty Queens

If you love satire of any kind then Beauty Queens by Libba Bray is for you.

When 50 girls, one from each state, fly to the Miss Teen Dream contest, they didn’t expect a plane crash on a deserted island. They especially didn’t expect to have to learn to survive on their own. Only a handful of girls survive the crash, and all the adults are killed. The girls that do survive are a motley crew, full of a transgender former boy band singer, an anti-pageant feminist who plans to take Miss Teen Dream down from the outside, a die-hard Texan beauty queen, a budding young lesbian, and a girl with a severe hearing impairment, among others. The girindex.jpgls must find a way to survive on the island, when the reality is that all they are prepared to do is answer vapid beauty pageant questions and apply eyeliner – at least on the surface.

“The Corporation” runs the pageant, as well as most of the world. They create/control most TV, products, and even the secret (or not-so-secret) arms deals. The Corporation has become a huge monster that hides behind silly reality TV and cosmetics. Its connections with Ladybird Hope, former Miss Teen Dream and presidential hopeful, are disturbing at best. But the Corporation doesn’t want the beauty queens found- if they are, the island’s dirty little secrets will be revealed. In particular, their arms deal with MoMo B. ChaCha, dictator of the Republic of ChaCha where they plan to sell him weaponized Lady ‘Stache Off against the sanctions on his country. They hope the beauty queens will just die off, but what they aren’t prepared for are some butt-kickin’ ladies who have developed some serious survival skills amongst their baton twirling and Sparkle Pony dances! These girls aren’t going down without a fight! Now add into the mix some fake reality TV pirates (one of which is a cross-dresser and is very excited the girls have recovered some of their high-heels) and you’ve got yourself quite an island.

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