“Diana’s White House Garden”

Diana Hopkins is not a name that most children or adults know.  She is the daughter of Harry Hopkins, who was an adviser to FDR during World War II.  She and her father both lived at the White House during those years.  “Diana’s White House Garden” is the true story of how Diana helped the war effort.


Author Elisa Carbone and illustrator Jen Hill through their research were able to capture the time period perfectly.  Their story is filled with references relating to what the country was undergoing.  Air-raid shelters, war bonds, Fireside Chats, and cultural heroes of the time are all mentioned.

After several missteps, Diana with the advise and help of Mrs. Roosevelt plants a victory garden at the White House.  Victory gardens were, of course, planted by Americans throughout the country urged on by the President.

Illustrated with watercolor drawings, “Diana’s White House Garden” will appeal to young readers for several reasons.  It tells the true story of a young girl who wants to be of help to her country.  In addition, the author provides a great deal of factual information told in a simple way to help the reader understand this period in American history.


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