“As Time Went By”


9780735842489_p0_v1_s118x184.jpgWritten and illustrated by Jose Sanabria, “As Time Went By” focuses on change and reinvention.  Divided into three parts, Sanabria writes about how change affects objects and people.

In Part I, we see how a luxury ship that carried important people eventually falling into disrepair and is abandoned.  In Part II, a family that was wealthy and lived a carefree life, finds themselves, because of excesses in their lifestyle, forced to live in a very humble home.  Eventually, they are displaced from this home.

In Part III, we see homeless people forced to live on the abandoned ship.  But as time goes by, they are able to turn the ship into a thriving community where very important people live.

Illustrated with vivid watercolor drawings, Jose Sanabria had written a thoughtful book that could lead to interesting discussions with young readers.

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