“The Airport Book”

Traveling by plane can be a big adventure to a young child, especially if he or she has never flown before.  “The Airport Book” is a great introduction to what a traveler will experience at the airport and on the flight.

Written and illustrated by Lisa Brown, the author covers everything a traveler, especially a young traveler, will need to know about air travel.  From packing for the trip to landing at one’s destination, Brown packs her text and illustrations with tons of details.


One of the points that she makes is that you stand in lines at the airport—for tickets, to check your bags, to go to the restroom, to go through security.  She explains exactly what happens when a traveler goes through the security lines, how you board the plane, and what you can expect during the flight.

This is a must read for any first-time, young traveler or any child who will soon  be flying, perhaps during their summer vacation.

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