Father’s Day Books

“My Dad at the Zoo” written by French author Coralie Saudo and illustrated by Kris DiGiacomo, an American living in France, is a fun story that turns a traditional tale of a father-son outing inside out and upside down.

Being a dad can be hard work so sometimes it is fun to just let loose.  That is exactly what this dad does when he and his son visit the zoo on a Sunday morning.  Young readers will immediately understand that Dad’s behavior is more and more child-like as the morning progresses.

The illustrations emphasize the fun-loving dad and the frustrated young son by using cartoon-like drawings and muted colors.9781592701902_p0_v2_s192x300.jpg

A more traditional story dealing with child-parent relationships is “Hammer and Nails” by first-time children’s picture book author Josh Bledsoe.  Darcy’s plans for her playdate have collapsed.  Her best friend is sick.  Her whole day is ruined.  But it is Dad to the rescue.  He takes Darcy’s playdate list and his his own to-do-list and plans a day filled with activities for each of them.

Dad will play dress up with Darcy and  get her nails and hair done by Dad.  Darcy will help sort the laundry, mow the lawn and fix the fence with Dad.  Girls will really love this book.  The illustrations by Jessica Warrick are detailed pictures of how Dad makes the day a perfect Father-Daughter occasion.


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