The Guilty


Will Robie, a sniper for a U.S. agency, has not spoken to his father since he left home over 20 years ago. But two events that occur change his mind about returning home: he is told by his superiors that his father has been accused of murder, and the result of Will’s last mission was his inability to fire at the target, due to his perception of a young boy sitting on the target’s lap. However, this was a trick of the mind, since there was no young boy, and Will’s previous mission had resulted in “collateral damage,” that is, the death of the target’s young daughter standing behind him, unseen. So Will decides to take some time off and return to Mississippi to help clear his father of the murder charge. Baldacci keeps the ball rolling, with witty dialogue at times, a fast pace, and unexpected plot twists that keeps the reader engrossed in the story.

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