Flora is Back

Author-artist Molly Idle first introduced readers to Flora in “Flora and the Flamingo.”  In this  wordless book, we follow Flora as she attempts to mimic a tall, stately flamingo.  Against a white background, each page shows Flora lifting her foot, bending low, reaching to the sky in imitation of the flamingo.  As the story progresses, Flora and the flamingo learn to dance in unison.


Author Idle’s next book “Flora and the Penguin” has Flora encountering a penguin as she skates–jumping and twirling–on the ice.  When a problem occurs, the pair learns to work together.


In her newest book, “Flora and the Peacocks,” we find Flora with new friends, a pair of peacocks.  Once again Flora mirrors the movement of these birds.  When a problem occurs, the peacocks are able rectify a wrong and restore their friendship.


In each of these wordless books, Idle’s drawings  focus on her characters with no distracting backgrounds.  Her use of picture flaps enhance her drawings.  In “Flora and the Peacock” the last flap reveals a huge peacock and a very a happy Flora.

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