“She’s Not There”

Title: She's Not There, Author: Joy Fielding

“She’s Not There” by Joy Fielding is a novel based loosely on the Madeleine McCann mystery from 2007. The British McCann family was vacationing in Portugal when their four-year old daughter, Madeleine went missing from her hotel room. Fielding has constructed a story  similar to the plot of the McCann family and imagining what may have happened to the child.  Switching back and forth between the present and 15 years ago when “She’s Not There” places the original abduction, the story is told from the mother’s point of view. Now divorced and the mother of one remaining daughter, Caroline still struggles with the unsolved disappearance of her younger daughter. Her husband has remarried and has moved on with a new family. Out of the blue, Caroline is contacted by a young girl claiming to be her lost daughter. Is it just another hoax?

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