“Can I Tell You a Secret?

Husband and wife team Anna Kang, author, and Christopher Weyant, illustrator, have collaborated on yet another wonderful book.  Their  previous endeavors, “You Are (Not) Small,” and “That’s (Not) Mine” were extremely popular.


“Can I Tell You a Secret” deals with Montague’s problem.  Monty is a frog who is afraid of the water.  He believes no one is aware of his fear and just wants to share his emotions with a friend.  Speaking directly to his readers, Monty explains how he has been able to keep this secret from everyone or at least he thinks he has. When the reader suggests to Monty that he should tell his parents, he is convinced.

This is a truly delightful story that will resonant with a variety of readers.  When Monty speaks directly to the reader, a bond definitely develops.  The cartoon-like illustrations in watercolor and ink are vivid and funny .


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