“Douglas, You Need Glasses!”

It may be difficult for young children to understand that needing glasses is a universal problem.  Even dogs sometime need glasses.  Ged Adamson, an English author/illustrator, approaches the problem in a humorous, delightful way.

“Douglas, You Need Glassses!” is the story of a fun-loving dog, who gets into all sorts of mischief.  He chases leaves thinking they are squirrels.  He fails to read signs that would alert him to wet cement or a skating park.  He sometimes even goes to the wrong house.  Eventually, his owner Nancy sensing that the problem needs to be remedied, takes Douglas to the eye doctor.9780553522433_p0_v1_s192x300.jpg

At the office, Douglas reads the eye chart.  Of course, there are no letters only images of things Douglas would recognize.  He also chooses a pair of dog frames that look good on his face.

Everything works out for the best because on the way home, Douglas says “Wow! Everything looks amazing.

Adamson tackles the problem of needing glasses in a fun yet meaningful way.  His cartoon-like drawings make the text a delightful read for parent and child


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