Lois Duncan- Obituary

Don't Look Behind You I Know What You Did Last Summer/When a Stranger Calls  Title: Killing Mr. Griffin, Author: Lois Duncan  Title: Hotel for Dogs, Author: Lois Duncan  Title: Who Killed My Daughter?, Author: Lois Duncan  Children’s author, Lois Duncan, passed away June 15th, 2016 at the age of 82. One of my favorite writers as a ‘tween, Lois Duncan initiated my taste of true crimes and thrillers.  “Stranger With My Face” tells the story of a teenager who never knew she had a twin. When the twin sister suddenly appears pretending to be her, a psychological tale follows and captivates the reader who wonders if the evil twin will replace the good twin without anyone ever knowing.  “Killing Mr. Griffin” is the story of several high school students out to play a prank on their English teacher.  Fed up with his bossiness and meanness, the students only meant it as a harmless prank to scare their teacher.  But the joke gets out of control and he is killed. Now the students must pledge to keep their secret.

All of Duncan’s novels were edge-of you-seat for me. “Five were Missing” about the 5 last kids driving home on the school bus when they sudden;y realize the bus driver is a stranger who then kidnaps them.  Later Duncan wrote several humorous books for younger children such as “Hotel for Dogs” which became a movie.

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  1. Hi Pam, one of her books was just checked back in at Blauvelt on Friday, and I remarked that I was surprised that her work still goes out. I didn’t realize that she had just passed away, thanks for the update.

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