“Libraries Ready to Code”

The 2016 ALA conference is set to take place from June 23 – 28, in Orlando, Florida, and I’m envious of those librarians who will be attending. So many different topics will be explored, and according to the ALA Washington Dispatch, one session will focus on the joint project “Libraries Ready to Code”. This project was launched on April 13th, 2016, following the announcement of the President’s plan in January: CS [Computer Science] for All.  Awareness is quickly growing of the importance of increased literacy skills to enable students to successfully compete in the digital economy of 21st century. “Libraries Ready to Code” will investigate current coding activities in libraries, both school and public, from the earliest ages through high school, and determine how to broaden their reach. Palisades Library is right on the cusp with our coding club, so kudos to Lillian and board member Jennifer Citrolo, whom I believe is responsible for the idea .

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