The Selection

I’m sort of late to the party with this series, but I’ve just finished the first book in the Selection Series by Kiera Cass and am starting the second book The Elite.

The series is set in the future and the world has divided up after the Fourth World War. The protagonist, America Singer (named after America, a long-gone country in this time period), is a member of the 5th caste in a caste system consisting of 8 castes…so she is pretty low on the totem pole. Her family often goes hungry because of the lack of work. There is a possible escape for her though- the Selection. Illéa’s Prince Maxon has come of age and needs to marry. One girl will be chosen by lottery from each province to travel to the Capital and live in the palace so the prince can make his choice. Thindex.jpge winning girl will become queen, and her family will all be elevated to Ones. America doesn’t want to join the Selection because she is in love with Aspen, a Six. But pressure from both her family and Aspen causes her to relent, and the rest is entirely predictable. She’s chosen, she goes to the palace, she draws the ire of the other girls with her beauty and the interest of the prince with her spunky independence.

This series is intriguing so far. It is light- a romance more than a dystopian or sci-fi book- but I’m intrigued to see what the rest of the series holds. While this wasn’t a show-stopper for me, it was entertaining enough and since the series is so popular I’m hoping there is more to the following books.

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