“Brokenwood Mysteries”

For fans of English murder mysteries with a New Zealand flavor, you might want to try this DVD series.  Set in the semi-rural, grape-growing region of New Zealand in the town of Brokenwood, this series appeared on New Zealand television for two seasons beginning in 2014.

Series One introduces Detective Inspector Mike Shepherd who leaves a more important police job in a near-by city, to relocate to Brokenwood.  He drives what he refers to as a “classic car” and talks to corpses.  His colleague, twenty years his junior, is Detective Constable Kristin Sims, a by-the-book policewoman.  Their police methods and personalities offer definite contrasts, but they form a good team.


Of course, since these are murder mysteries, there are death bodies, but nothing terribly graphic.  What makes the series work is the character of Mike Shepherd.  He is a little overweight, loves American cowboy music, and treats everyone with respect.  Basically, he is a nice guy.

If you have enjoyed the collection of “Rosemary and Thyme” and “Midsomer  Murders” mysteries, you will probably like “Brokenwood Mysteries.”  One warning: it takes time to understand the New Zealand accents.  Thank goodness for the rewind button.

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