New books for toddlers

Emily Gravett, author and illustrator is back with a new adventure for Bear and Hare.  “Bear and Hare Share!” focuses on the concept of sharing and love.  Bear and Hare are out for a walk.  Each time Hare finds something, a flower, a balloon, an ice cream cone, Bear asks whether Hare will share.  Each time Hare say,  “Mine.”  But Bear didn’t care for he loved Hare.  However, when Hare finds a honeycomb and suffers the consequences of being stunk, Bear is there for him.  Ultimately, Hare asks Bear if he wants to share the honey.

This sweet story is illustrated with drawings that concentrate on Bear and Hare without too much in the background for a child’s attention to be diverted from the message of the story.  Additionally, the book is printed on thicker paper just right for toddlers’ fingers.9781481462174_p0_v1_s192x300.jpg

Lola and Adam Schaefer and illustrator Frann Preston-Gannon have tackled the concepts of ecosystems, food chains, and the importance of forests and produced a simple book for toddlers “Because Of An Acorn.”


The beautiful paint and ink illustrations are filled with rich details about life in the forest and the co-dependence of plants and animals.  The text is simple using three or four words at most.  The reader follows the story from how an acorn begins the circle of life resulting in the growth of forests.

This is a book that children will come back to to learn about the layers of an ecosystem.

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