Rebel of the Sands

If you’re looking for adventure, then Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton is the perfect book. I LOVED this book and it would be great for grades 8+. index.jpg

A resident of Dustwalk, Amani is desperate to escape that town. “…If it were possible to die of boredom, everyone …would be corpses in the sand …” Living with her mother’s sister Farrah, Amani is of marriageable age and, a year after her mother’s hanging, will be considered “clean”. Hoping to win enough money at a shooting contest at the pistol pit in Deadshot, Amani plans to journey to Izman, a magical city, in search of her aunt. When the shooting pit burns down, the mercenary Gallan army begins searching for the Sultan’s son Ahmed, the Rebel Prince and his supporters. However, events at the shooting pit resulted both in Amani’s meeting Jin, a mysterious foreigner, and in changing her life when their paths intersect and then converge as the adventure unfolds and Amani finds a new way to escape Dustwalk.

The action in this book never stops and Amani is a strong character who will have you hooked right away.

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