New Pet in the Classroom

A school story that incorporates the introduction of a new pet in the classroom is the subject of a new book by author Erica Perl and illustrator Henry Cole.  “Ferocious Fluffity” is a cute hamster until she is let out of her cage.  Then watch out because she is ready to CHOMP on everything she sees.

Told in rhyme this is a cautionary tale of how to deal with a hamster.  “She’s so tiny!” She is so sweet! Such cute whiskers! Such cute feet! She was tiny. She was cute.  She was also quite a brute.”

A fun story illustrated with watercolor drawings, “Ferocious Fluffity” shows what happens when the teacher is late to class and the kids decide to take Fluffity out of her cage.  Even though Fluffity creates havoc and destruction in the classroom, the kids do learn a lesson about how to handle an animal.9781419721823_p0_v1_s192x300.jpg

Pet owners or future pet owners will enjoy this hilarious book.

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