Undiscovered Gyrl

Undiscovered Gyrl is a thrilling novel to say the least. It is the blog of 17-year-old “Katie” (although she discloses that it is not her real name and neither are the names she uses in it)  that she decides to write during her deferment year before she starts college. Katie starts out as a funny, crude, and wild teenager as she describes her antics with boys (and men) and her friends. Katie lets you into her skin as she plots her break-up with her college-age boyfriend, battles with her mother, considers whether to sleep with a 32-year-old film professor, confronts a terrible truth about her new boss, and lands a new job as nanny to a newborn.

Soon, however, the story deepens iindex.jpgnto the engrossing record of a young soul in peril. Katie’s insecurities begin to show as her life falls apart and she spirals deeper and deeper into alcoholism, depression, and an unhealthy obsession with men. By the end of the book I was left wanting MORE of Katie because her story was so intriguing.

Although Katie is 17 for most of the book I wouldn’t call this a Young Adult novel. Although I would say it is appropriate for ages 17+.

This book is a MUST READ and I cannot wait to read the sequel “Another Girl“. Allison Burnett (the author) is BRILLIANT.

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