The Doll’s House

index.aspxNumber 3 in the Helen Grace novels by M.J.Arlidge, this title centers around several  English girls who have left home or disappeared: Pippa, whose body has just been found on an isolated  beach;  Roisin, a young mother who apparently left her young son with her parents; Isobel, who just stopped going to her classes one day; and Ruby, whom it is thought to have blown off a pending reconciliation with her family, as the novel opens. Detective Grace is assigned the case, and and develops the theory that a serial killer is responsible. However, two of the girls’ families are receiving the occasional text from both Isobel and Ruby, confusing the authorities. The plot thickens with added personal dramas for Detective Inspector Grace and her immediate superior, DI Harwood. A good read for mystery fans who don’t mind some dead bodies.

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