Brendan Wenzel

Author/illustrator Brendan Wenzel’s newest book is “They All Saw a Cat.”  In a recent interview in “The Horn Book,” Wenzel discussed his writing/illustrating process.

“They All Saw a Cat” is about perceptions.  The child in the story sees the cat in a very different way than the dog or the mouse or the bee.  Wenzel says he decided to tell this story of differing perceptions by using a cat because people tend to react strongly to cats, one way or another.

He did a fair amount of research studying as much as he could about how animals see things.9781452150130_p0_v2_s192x300.jpgAfter that part of the process, he let him imagination soar.

The text is a bit like a folktale. The author admits that he loves folktales, and he hopes his readers get the sense of folklore traditions from the story.


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