“First Comes Love”

Emily Griffin is the author of several novels dealing with family relationships.  Her newest book “First Comes Love” deals with three siblings–two sisters and an older brother.  The setting is Atlanta, the author’s home base.

Daniel is the oldest in the Garland trio of children.  He is described as an almost perfect human being–handsome, honest, well-liked, intelligent, and loved.  One day after his twenty-fifth birthday, Daniel is killed in an automobile accident.

The story picks up fifteen years after his death.9780345546920_p0_v5_s118x184.jpgLife has changed for the Garland family.  Daniel’s parents have divorced, Meredith, the younger daughter, is married to Daniel’s best friend.  They have a young daughter.  Josie teaches young children and has been unlucky in love.

Josie and Meredith have handled their brother’s death differently.  Their relationship has usually been contentious, even as children.  As adults, things have not gotten any better.  Meredith is by all appearances a successful career woman, wife and mother.  Josie has yet to settle down.

As the fifteenth anniversary of their brother’s death approaches, secrets from the past surface.  How each sister deals with these revelations causes heartache, but ultimately reconciliation.

The characters in “First Comes Love” make this a good read.  Josie and her roommate and best friend Gabe add life and fun to the story.  Most of the plot is predictable but the relationship between the sisters will definitely ring true for many readers.

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