The Star-Touched Queen

This YA novel is a debut by author Roshani Chokshi and the beginning of a series (the next installment is due out in March 2017). Although, from her use of language and descriptions you would never know that it was her first published work.

Maya, a Princess of Bharata, has lived a life cursed by her horoscope which predicts that she will bring death and destruction to all that she meets. The royal court scorns her and rumors fly that blame her for every single bad thing that happens in the palace. When her father arranges a false marriage for her in order to be rid of her (he gives her a vial of poison to kill herself just before the ceremony), a dark stranger appears and whisks her away to be his wife.

Suddenly Maya is the Queen of Nahkar a dindex.jpgark Otherworldly place where nothing is at it seems and is filled with mysterious locked doors. Amar, her new husband, is the Raja of this world and asks her to trust him implicitly and that in turn she will have all the power and freedom in the world- but is it too good to be true?

I’d say this book is a solid 3 out of five stars. My main complaint about the book is that the entire book seems like the last 50 pages of a book- like its on the verge of a resolution that it never quite reaches. All in all however I would recommend it!

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