“A Child of Books”

Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston have collaborated to create a story that celebrates the power of books.  The pair has stated: “From the very beginning we both wanted to create a tale that celebrates our love of classic children’s literature with an added modern twist.”

The story is simple.  A young girl states that she is a child of books.  She sails across a sea of words to ask a young boy to travel away with her.  Words will show them the path over mountains, through darkness and forests, and clouds of song.

Each page is illustrated with simple, almost crude, pen and ink drawings of people, buildings, and surroundings.  Accompanying the text and these simple drawings are excerpts from classic children’s stories. These words form the seas that the girl travels on, the mountains they cross, and the forests they travel through because 9780763690779_p0_v1_s118x184.jpg our world is made from stories.

“A Child of Books” is a visually unusual yet exciting book.  It offers parents and children an opportunity to explore the art work and message of the book together.

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