This Is the Part Where You Laugh

I pretty much like every single book that I review here but THIS BOOK IS FOR SURE ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF 2016 BY FAR!!!! I laughed. I cried. I marveled at some amazing prose.

This Is the Part Where You Laugh by Peter Brown Hoffmeister is about Travis a high school Sophomore who lives with his grandparents in a trailer park in the Suburbs of Eugene, Oregon. He mows the lawns of the more wealthy people who live across the lake that is located on the edge of the Trailer Park to save up money to hopefully find and help out his heroin-addicted mother who lives somewhere under a bridge.index

Every adult in Travis’s life is failing him in some way: drugs, cancer, perversion, and absenteeism. The one thing he can count on is basketball and his best friend, Creature. When his choices start to jeopardize even that, Travis has to figure out how to control what he can and deal with the things he can’t.

This books deals with hard topics but not in a cheesy way. This book is believable. If you read this book you will love the sporadic samplings from Creature’s novel.

Read. This Book.

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