“Little Red Riding Hood” revisited

Every young reader knows the story of “Little Red Riding Hood.”   A new take on this traditional story is told in “Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion” written and illustrated by Alex T. Smith.

The setting is somewhere in the African jungle.  Instead of a wolf, the evil villain is a very hungry lion.   Little Red is a dark-skinned little girl.  Instead of a grandma, Little Red will walk through the jungle to see Auntie Rosie.

Auntie Rosie telephones Little Red.  It seems Rosie woke up covered in red spots.  She needs Little Red to bring her a jar of spot medicine.  It was a long journey through the jungle where Little Red encountered gazelles, elephants, hippos, meerkats, and one very hungry lion.  After learning that Little Red is off to see her Auntie Rosie, he comes up with a very clever plan–basically, the same plan that the wolf had.9780545914383_p0_v1_s192x300.jpgWhen Little Red arrives at Aunt Rosie’s house she immediately realizes that it wasn’t Auntie Rosie in the bed.  Little Red decides to teach the naughty lion a lesson.

It is a this point that author Alex Smith deviates from the original tale, which will result in a  great deal of embarrassment for the lion and a lot of laughter for the reader.

Young readers will really enjoy this retelling of a classic story.  Illustrated with very bright colors this is an eye-catching fun book.


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