“Old Wolf”

Well-respected juvenile author Avi has created a story of survival that young readers, especially those with a love of animals and the outdoors, will enjoy.

Set in present day, in the Iron Mountain region of Colorado, “Old Wolf” tells the story of the leader of a pack of eight wolves during early spring–“Starving Time” for these animals.  Old Wolf is being challenged for the leadership of his pack by the younger members.  They are all very hungry, and Old Wolf has not been able to find or kill any food for them.

As he ventures deeper into the woods, closer to where humans have been spotted, he encounters a raven.  Merla befriends the wolf because she and the other ravens are hungry, too.  She leads Old Wolf to a grazing herd with the promise that he will share some of the meat from the kill with the ravens.

9781442499225_p0_v1_s118x184.jpgCasey Seton, a 13 year-old boy who lives near the wooded area, has received a bow and arrows for his birthday.  Eager to try it out, he ventures out and encounters both Old Wolf and Merla.

Avi has given a voice to the animals so he is able to tell this story from the perspective of the animals and the humans.  Brian Floca’s black and white drawings add  visuals  to a story of animal survival.  Short chapters alternate between the lives of the animals and those of the humans.  Readers from grade three up will enjoy this action-filled adventure.


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