Election Season and Young Readers

Young children cannot escape the fact that this is an election year.  They, like their parents, may be overwhelmed with the information they see and hear on a daily basis.  They, like their parents, may also be confused about the election process.

Never fear! The Cat in the Hat is here to help clarify what goes on during an election season.  In a new book from “The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library” comes “One Vote, Two Votes, I Vote, You Vote” by Bonnie Worth with illustrations by Aristides Ruiz and Joe Mathieu.9780399555985_p0_v1_s192x300.jpg

“The Cat” leads young readers through every phase of an election.  Beginning with how important it is to vote, “The Cat” explains what a democracy is, gives a short history of voting legislation in our country, introduces the concept of political parties, and discusses how people physically vote.

Key terms like campaigning, absentee ballots, debates, and rallies are included in the story.  A glossary is included defining these terms and a bibliography of other books on the topic is included.

There is a great deal of information presented to the reader, but the cartoon-like illustrations as well as the appearance of “The Cat” and Thing One and Thing Two lighten the text.

“One Vote, Two Votes, I Vote, You Vote” would appeal to a broad audience from first graders to older students.


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