New titles in familiar series

Dory Fantasmagory is back in book three in this fun series by Abby Hanlon.  In “Dory Fantasmagory Dory Dory Black Sheep” six year old Dory states that it is very important for her to have two worlds.  One is real and one is imaginary.  These two worlds often get mixed together.

Dory, of course, manages to get herself into all sorts of trouble.  At school, she wants to partner with Rosabelle because she is a good reader and Dory is not.  Unfortunately, she is partnered with George who “accidentally” kisses Dory on his way back into the classroom.  This is only the beginning of Dory’s adventures.

Each page is illustrated with pen and ink drawings of Dory and her antics. 9781101994269_p0_v2_s192x300.jpgYoung readers, especially girls,  from grades 1-3 would enjoy the Dory series.

Authors Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver have written several books in the “Here’s Hank” series.  “There’s a Zombie in My Bathtub” published in 2015, begins with Hank and his friend watching a scary movie in order to get ready for Halloween.

Unfortunately, the movie was a bit too scary because every time Hank closes his eyes he sees zombies.  He even fears that the undead are readying an invasion.

In addition to appealing stories for boys, the “Here’s Hank” series has been designed using the font Dyslexie.  The letters are more distinct and the font is spaced wide apart to make the words easier to read for dyslexic readers. 9780448485126_p0_v1_s192x300.jpg


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