“King Baby”

When a new baby becomes part of a household, the entire universe revolves around this new human being.  “King Baby” by author-illustrator Kate Beaton explores how this new baby impacts an entire household.

From the very first page the baby announces “I am King Baby!” From that point on, the “King” explains how he will bestow on all his smiles, his kisses, his laughs. But the “King” also has many demands.9780545637541_p0_v1_s118x184.jpg

Eventually, the “King” strikes out on his own and begins to assert his independence and do bold and brave things like crawling, walking, talking.  Eventually , “King Baby” is dethroned.  It seems he will have to share the planet with “Queen Baby.”

Very young readers will appreciate how important they are in the family dynamic.  Parents will see themselves in the story of how one little baby can change their entire lives.

With simple, hand-drawn illustrations and limited text on each page, toddlers will definitely enjoy “King Baby.”


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