Leave Me

index-2Is it ever acceptable for an overwhelmed mother to leave her family? Author Gayle Forman explores this question in Leave Me, her first novel for adults. Maribeth Klein is recovering from a heart attack, and feels both overwhelmed and taken for granted by her boss, her husband, her critical mother and challenging twin pre-schoolers. She is attempting to regain her health, but not quickly enough for her family, whose constant demands force her to take matters into her own hands. One morning Maribeth makes the decision to leave her house and family for a while and head to Pittsburgh, bringing only cash with her and a small bag. She finds an apartment and tries to cope with her health, while avoiding contact with her family. After finding new friends, she tries to make sense of her life and come to terms with her situation. Forman, who has written several young adult novels, places her characters in real- life difficult situations, where sometimes they need to leave home in order to find their true treasures.

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