Saving Red

I will read anything that Sonya Sones writes. That is a fact. She writes novels in verse and I remember when I was in middle school and I read my first one that I was apprehensive about a book written “in poetry” and was pleasantly surprised that I could not pindex.jpgut it down.

Sones has a way with words that would suck in any reader.

Anyway, Saving Red. It’s about Molly a fourteen-year-old girl who meets a homeless girl named Red and decides to reunite Red with her family for Christmas. But when Red won’t talk about her past and there are painful things in Molly’s past as well, this will turn out to be harder than Molly anticipated. This novel dealt with mental illness, PTSD, and family issues in an honest, deep, and heart-wrenching way. It made me smile and cry and any book that can do both is amazing in my book. It was BEAUTIFUL.

This book is great for all ages-please read every single Sonya Sones book!

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