“Bossier Baby”

Marla Frazee’s newly published book once again proves that the author knows what happens in a household when a new baby arrives.  In “Boss Baby” the prequel to her latest effort, the readers see how one small child can demand and get the attention of all the adults.

In “Bossier Baby,” Boss Baby is challenged to his place on the throne by a newly arrived rival, a sister.  She takes command from the top down.  Boss Baby has been demoted, and she has promoted herself to the Chief Executive Officer.  No matter what he does, he cannot get the attention of “the staff.”  When he gives up and sits in the corner and sulks, Bossier Baby knows exactly what to do.  How can an older brother resist a cute younger sister?

9781481471626_p0_v1_s192x300.jpgThis humorous story will appeal to parents and older siblings who can empathize with Boss Baby.  The simple drawings are dominated by the antics of both babies.  This tongue-in-cheek tale will definitely by a crowd pleaser.

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