Stealing Snow

Stealing Snow is Danielle Paige’s (author of the Dorothy Must Die series) newest YA Fantasy/Fairytale venture. Although I enjoyed this book, I will say that it wasn’t my favorite updated fairytale story. Still entertaining though.

The story folloindex.jpgws Snow (I know) who has been in the Whittaker Mental Institution for Juveniles since she was five and decided to walk through a mirror pulling her neighbor along with her and resulting in a body covered in scars. She is prone to fits of anger but besides that she feels completely normal. She knows no other world other than her life here.

When her very first kiss turns the recipient violent, Snow escapes the Whittaker Psychiatric hospital that houses them and races into the woods. There she finds herself in icy Algid– with witches, thieves, an alluring boy named Kai. Is this her true home, does she really have a royal lineage– or is the Whittaker where she truly belongs?



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