Born To Run

index-2As a long time Bruce Springsteen fan, I was eager to read his recent recently published biography, and I am happy to report that his prose is just as lyrical as his song writing. The words have an easy and honest flow; his writing is indeed worthy of praise. Bruce is brutally honest about his life, from his  Irish-Italian heritage and ancestors to his career as a musician and front man for the E Street Band. His difficult relationship with his father while growing up makes sense after he explains how mental illness runs in his family, and his father was later diagnosed and medicated to help even out his violent mood swings. Bruce himself admits that he struggles with depression and has been in therapy for many years, which has enabled him to understand where he came from and how to move on despite the pain. He writes of the love of his life — his wife, Patty Scialfa, of his three children, the history of his songs, touring around the world, his friends and fellow musicians, and his philosophy of life. Born to Run is an intimate look at a masterful musician and rock’n’roll idol and is a fantastic read for  any fan of Bruce or native of New Jersey…

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