Williams and Raschka collaboration

Before her death in the fall of  2015,  awarding-winning author Vera B. Williams was attempting to finish a book that she had put aside for many years.  In the spring of 2015, she felt it was the right time to tell this very personal story.  She wasn’t certain that she would have the energy to complete the pictures for the book and so she invited her good friend Chris Raschka to collaborate with her.  The result of their working together is “Home At Last.”

9780061349737_p0_v1_s118x184.jpgLester has waited a long time to be adopted.  When that day finally arrived, he was packed and ready.  He had gotten to know his new parents Daddy Albert and Daddy Rich over the course of many, many months.  But now they were all on their way home.  Lester had a big suitcase and a smaller blue one.  When he and his parents got to their new home, his daddies wanted to put the suitcases in the attic because Lester wouldn’t need them.  Lester said that the blue suitcase contained his best action toys, and he needed the case very close to him.

Even though Lester had a room of his own, each night he would walk to his daddies’ room with his blue suitcase and wait.  Eventually, they would wake and ask what was wrong.  What Lester wanted to do was to hop into his parents’ bed and snuggle with them so he would know that he was safe from everything bad in the world, but he doesn’t tell them.  And so each night, his dads walk Lester back to his room.

How this dilemma is solved and how Lester finally feels safe in his new home is a moving story.  Although this book  is specifically about an adopted child, any young reader will be able to identify with the sense of feeling unsafe.  The fact that young Lester has two dads adds an additional element to “Home At Last.”




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