An Irish Country Love Story

index-aspxPatrick Taylor has written his eleventh title in the Irish Country Doctor series : An Irish Country Love Story. A variety of love stories are offered in this latest title: from the romantic love between young Dr. Barry Laverty and his fiancee Sue Nolan, to the love of a Ulsterman, Sonny Houston, for his faithful dog, Jasper. There is a love for home, evidenced when Dr. Fingal O’Reilly finds himself in a fight to keep his old homestead from being demolished in order to make room for a new road through town. Agape, or compassionate love, is given freely between the doctors and their patients that they care for. And finally, the love of the Ulster people for their piece of the Emerald Isle shines throughout the novel. After reading about the affection and respect that the residents of Ballybucklebo have for each other, one can almost become envious of such a place…

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