Guaranteed to put a little one to sleep

Awarding winning author-illustrator Chris Haughton is back with a colorful book geared to the toddler set.  “Goodnight Everyone” is reminiscent of the classic “Goodnight Moon.”  In Haughton’s version, all the creatures of the forest are ready to go to sleep but not Little Bear.

The mice are sleepy, the hares are sleepy, and the Great Big Bear are all sleepy.  Little Bear, however, is not sleepy and wants to play.  After being turned down by all his animal friends, Little Bear finally takes a long, deep breath, followed by a great, stretch and yawn.  9780763690793_p0_v1_s118x184.jpg

Illustrated in deep shades of orange, purple and blue reflecting the end of the day,  the drawings are the perfect setting for a story about bedtime.

This is an ideal tale for a bedtime read, but parents beware.  The last pages filled with ZZZZ and SSSSS and sleeping creatures may put parents and children to sleep.

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