Maple and Willow are back

In their third book together, nature -loving sisters Maple and Willow are ready to enjoy the season of winter.  Winter brings snow and, of course, Christmas.

Author and illustrator Lori Nichols has the fun-loving team getting ready for the holiday in “Maple and Willow’s Christmas Tree.”  This year will be special because the family is going to get their first real Christmas tree.  After visiting a Christmas tree farm, and picking out the perfect tree, the girls are anxious to get the tree home and begin decorating.  But then Maple begins sneezing.  Willow was afraid that Maple was allergic to the freshly-cut tree.  Sure enough, when the girls go outside to play, Maple stops sneezing.  The tree, of course, had to be placed outside.

Willow was angry.  Maple had ruined Christmas and her sister told her so.  That night Willow couldn’t sleep because she realized that she had hurt her sister’s feelings.  But then she comes up with a plan.

9780399167560_p0_v1_s192x300.jpgThis latest tale featuring Maple and Willow is a tribute to sisterly love and kindness.  How Willow “saves the day” is a fitting example of what the Christmas season should be all about.  The story combined with the sweet illustrations will be a great holiday read for children four and up.

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