“Astronomy Lab For Kids”

For parents and kids who are looking for STEM activities related to astronomy a new books might be fun and challenging.  “Astronomy Lab For Kids” is a recently published book written by Michelle Nicholas.  It features 52 family-friendly activities that can be done at home using materials that are readily available.

Divided into six units–Observing, Scoping It Out, Size and Scale, Light, Motion, Gravity, Exploring Our Solar System, and Seeing Stars–there are many individual experiments within each unit.9781631591341_p0_v4_s192x300.jpg

Lab 09 explores why stars seem to twinkle.  All that is needed is a glass bowl, cold water, warm water and a small flashlight.  There are four steps in the experiment.  After completing the experiment, the experimenter can read about the “Science Behind the Fun.”

The book also contains a Resource Guide and an Index.

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