Chickens, chickens everywhere

Nothing is more appealing in a children’s book than animals that act like people.  If you add to this element, animals that are funny you have a formula for a good children’s picture book

Author Sandy Asher and illustrator Mark Fearing use both of these techniques in their new picture book “Chicken Story Time.”9780803739444_p0_v1_s118x184.jpg

The opening pages show a chicken standing outside of a library at night.  A lit sign announces story time.  It also reminds children not to forget to read to their dogs.  If dogs can be read to why not chickens?

The next day we see boys and girls filing into the library for story time.  On this day, however, there will be an addition:  one chicken.  As the days pass, more and more chickens come to the library.  At first, they listen attentively to the story, but as time passes bedlam breaks out at the library.  Both boys and girls and the chickens are causing havoc.

At her wit’s end, the librarian comes up with a clever idea which satisfies the children, the chickens, and the librarian.

Toddlers and young readers alike will enjoy “Chicken Story Time.”  The cartoon-like illustrations are very colorful.  Especially funny is the page showing children and chickens and a dog listening attentively as the librarian reads them a book.  The simple message: everyone loves books even chickens.




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