“The Most Perfect Snowman”

Author and illustrator Chris Britt is well known for his editorial cartoons, which have appeared in hundreds of newspapers and magazines.  With the publication of “The Most Perfect Snowman,” Britt’s name will also soon be identified with children’s books, too.

The author tells the story of Drift, the loneliest of snowmen.  It seems Drift was hastily built and soon forgotten.   Unlike the other snowmen, he has no hat, scarf, mittens, not even a carrot for a nose.  If only he had these things, he would be perfect and accepted by the other snowmen.  But unfortunately since he was different, the other snowmen simply giggled at him.

As luck would have it, one day a group of young children come upon Drift.  After commenting on the fact that he was so plain, they offer him mittens, a hat, a scarf and a carrot for his nose. Now he is the most perfect snowman.9780062377043_p0_v1_s192x300.jpg

The children play with him all day, but at dark they return home.  When a blizzard begins to blow, all those things that Drift was given which made him think he was perfect begin to fly away.  The only things he still has are his scarf and the carrot.  When he meets a lost, cold and hungry bunny, he realizes what he has to do.  This gesture makes him really the most perfect snowman of all.

This delightful book is perfect for readers ages 4-8 on several levels.  It carries the concept  of being different, and the importance of friendship and acts of kindness.  The  soft pastel illustrations, especially the expressive faces of the characters, make this a heartwarming winter story.

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