“Behold the Dreamers”

Title: Behold the Dreamers, Author: Imbolo Mbue

The story of a young couple from Cameroon now living in New York City and pursuing the American Dream.  Jende and Neni along with their 6 year-old son feel fortunate to have left Africa and reached the United States. Their goal is to get legal citizenship so they can stop worrying about being sent back to Cameroon.  As they settle in to their adopted country, Jende is lucky to get a job as a chauffeur to the wealthy Clark Edwards, a Lehman Brothers financier. The job pays more than he has ever made before. Neni is in school studying to become a pharmacist. She loves New York City and America and only hopes to stay forever.  As Jende and Neni get more involved with the Edwards family, their hopes of becoming permanent citizens are threatened. They are careful not to do anything to risk Jende’s job even as Cindy Edwards makes demands that place his employment at risk.  The contrast between the wealthy Edwards family living on the Upper East side and the Jonga family living in Harlem, depict the true fabric of New York City. Happiness is not always found with privilege and wealth: an idea Neni has trouble believing and is reluctant to let go of as the possibility of returning to Cameroon looms large. Available as an audio title, too.

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