Learn About Unusual Animals

In the preface to the first book that Martin Brown has both written and illustrated, he asks the reader whether they are fed up with reading about the same old animals.  Had enough of bears, tigers, hippos, etc.?  Well then you are in for a treat because Martin’s new book “Lesser Spotted Animals–The Coolest Creatures You’ve Never Heard Of” is fun, informative, and a mind opener.

Each of the twenty-one unusual animals that are featured in the book are presented in a two-page spread with hand-drawn, cartoon-like illustrations.  In addition to an explanation of what the animal eats, what it looks like, and other important facts, Martin offers a map showing where the animal is found and a quick-facts box.9781338089349_p0_v1_s192x300.jpgOne of the animals that most of us never heard of is the Crabeater Seal. The size of a very tall, fat man–lying down, this seal doesn’t eat crabs but does eat krill.  They live on floating shelves of ice around Antarctica and are in no way endangered.  There are somewhere between ten and fifteen million crabeater seals in the world.  There are more of these seals on Earth than any other large wild mammal.

“Lesser Spotted Animals” is an engaging, informative book that any young reader will really enjoy.


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