Obituary: Marilyn Sachs

Amy And Laura by Marilyn Sachs scholastic Softcover Book  Amy Moves In by Marilyn Sachs 1970 Scholastic Paperback Book ! of USED (GD) Peter and Veronica by Marilyn Sachs Children’s author Marilyn Sachs died December 28, 2016 at the age of 89. One of my favorite authors as a child, Sachs wrote over 40 books. Realistic fiction as her preferred genre. The sisters ‘Amy and Laura’ featured in several stories. “Veronica Ganz” was a powerful novel about a mean girl who is a neighborhood bully. Sachs went to school in New York and became a librarian. She was Jewish and born in the Bronx where she attended Hunter College and later Columbia University. After graduating, she worked at the Brooklyn Public Library for years before moving to San Francisco.  Her characters are richly described, vivid and real. I remember rereading her books over and over again.  Sachs was a political activist and addressed topical subjects such as divorce, body image, and bullying. Thank you, Mrs. Sachs, for your gift to literature.

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