“Grantchester Mysteries”

Fans of the PBS series, “Grantchester” will enjoy the fifth installment in this series.  “Sidney Chambers and the Dangers of Temptation” is set in the late 1960s.  Sidney is now an Archdeacon, married to Hildegard and the father of five-year-old Anna.

In this collection of six short stories, Sidney finds himself involved in everything from murder to robbery to finding out the true history of Mrs. Maguire’s husband, to arson to blackmail.

Old characters including Mrs. Maguire, his former housekeeper, Gordie, Leonard and Amanda play important roles in these stories.  New characters including Hildegard’s German relatives and friends are introduced.9781632865663_p0_v4_s118x184.jpg

Sidney faces the challenge of each mystery with compassion and forgiveness.  It is comforting to be in his presence.  Author James Runcie has created a loveable character who goes about his work saving souls and solving mysteries.

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